Obama will lose

A lot of my friends think Obama is going to win, but I think they are wrong and am very depressed about it. Frankly I don’t think he ever had a chance. I am so sick of the media’s “it’s sooo close, isn’t this exciting” horse-race that I’ve decided to coldly list all the reasons I think Obama will lose on this blog between now and the election.

I hope to be flooded with millions of “I Told You Sos” when this is all over and I’m proven wrong.

But if I’m right Obama will lose in a landslide. If that happens I wonder if the media will ask itself in any way that matters how they could have been so wrong.

(By the way, PUMAs, Hillary wouldn’t have won either, mostly for the same reasons.)


23 Responses to “Obama will lose”

  1. robert deveau Says:

    I was a Hillary supporter, and one of the reasons I just cant bring myself to vote for Obama, is just what you did here.
    I resent that Obama supporters are portrayed as intellegent white collar college educated people and Hillary supporters as “the uneducated, blue collar racists”
    I suported Hillary and I’m not dumb!
    The democrats will lose not because of any of the reasons you said.
    They will lose because they picked a lousy candidate!

  2. sensorrhea Says:

    Actually, sir, with all due respect, you may find upon further reflection that you are, in fact, dumb. A smart person would have noticed that it’s McCain supporters I’m calling dumb, not Hillary voters. In fact Clinton is an ivy-league educated elitist attorney…like Obama. But back to you…if you actually support what Hillary stood for, and you really think about how important it is to get a Democrat in the White House for all of those reasons, you’ll realize that if you don’t vote for Obama out of some kind of spite on behalf of blue collar people, you are being an idiot. In fact that kind of solipsistic personal politics is such a big factor with folks like you I’m going to have to add it as its own unique reason.

  3. Reason #10:Woman scorned « Why Obama Will Lose Says:

    […] Finally, for a perfect specimen found in the wild of the illogic behind this particular solipsistic cadre of non-Obama voters, check out the comment made on this blog by Robert Deveau here. […]

  4. go RW&B Says:

    Well I hope Obama does get elected. What we need is for someone to fix this mess we’re in and the only way to do that is through policy. People in this country can’t be responsible for themselves so we need to make sure that they make good choices. We also need to take care of everyone in this country. It’s our right as Americans to have our health needs taken care of. Our children are depending on this government to make this world a better place. More government control is necessary. Freedom does nothing, but corrupt!!!!!

  5. Devin Says:

    I dearly hope Obama wins… but sadly i know you are correct. The people of America aren’t ready to go down the right path… we have to be in a full on depression, people dying in the streets situation before we seek change. We’re thick headed people, and will pay dearly.

  6. Middle America Says:

    I pray that this ultra-liberal socilaist flake (Barraq Hussein Obama) doesnt win. When people want change, they dont want more government they want less. Sorry but having Obama and Barney Frank a free poass to tax us to death isnt the change we need.
    My wife is a life-long Democrat and she wont swallow the Obama Kool-aid. It seems many of my Democratic friends have difficulty buying his vaguaries. Hopefully that combined with a motivated Republican base will keep this guy from ruining our country.
    No thanks, keep the socialism in Europe !

  7. Number42 Says:

    I pray that Obama does not win this election. It will be the saddest day in American history, if an inexperienced, terrorist affiliated, American hating, Communist becomes our President. He has no experience and lacks judgement. He has done nothing in his entire career (Except write two books about himself), and we should elect him our President? No. The choice is clear, if you want experience, good judgement and a qualified leader in our White House, vote for John McCain.

  8. Obama will win Says:

    Saddest day in American history? Sadder than Pearl Harbor? Sadder than 9/11?
    Terrorist-affiliated? Communist? It is amazing someone that stupid can work a keyboard. Tell us, number 42, do you have a note pinned to your shirt that says “breathe”, or do you occasionally forget and pass out?

    I do want experience, judgment and a qualified leader in the white house, which is why John McCain is the last person on the ballot I would consider voting for. McCain is an idiot who won’t survive his first term, who picked an even bigger idiot to back him up. Every thinking conservative has abandoned McCain, all he has left are the triple X chromosome mouth breathers.

    Obama will win in a landslide.

  9. We the People Says:

    /\ LULZ

  10. Greg Says:

    You’re right. Many Americans are dumb. They want something for nothing, someone to waive a magic wand and dissolve all of their troubles…especially their personal ones. No responsibility, no consequences for your actions, it’s always someone elses fault that you have failed and you deserve it, you just deserve it, because you are doing your part, the best you can…by breathing.

    Enter Barack “Millhouse” Obama. We will use “Millhouse” since you can’t say his real middle name because if you do…well you’re just a racist for saying his legal name. Plus Richard Nixon didn’t like his middle name either…which was…yep Millhouse. Moving on…Obama will give these people the things they want and ultimately deserve. You see that rich neighbor down the street from you? Well, he has a nice house and a nice car…you don’t and you obviously worked harder and smarter than he did so let’s go “spread some of his wealth around”.

    There you go…the Dumb Masses. The most scary factor in this election. Just close your eyes, pull that lever and hopefully you’ll hit the jackpot of hope and change. If not, welcome to loserville, population…you.

  11. sensorrhea Says:

    Oh, check it out everyone, Greg’s provided an almost pure example of Reason #14! Thanks, Greg!

    Greg’s created a perfect stereotypical straw man of his imagined enemy, the lazy resentful poor person who wants to wreak havoc on the rich for no deserved reason and who will do it through a democratic administration because, after all, that’s what democrats do, right?

    Luckily for all of us, while there are lazy and criminal elements who leech off every system mankind has invented to govern ourselves, this threat which so many republican voters use as their main reason to be republican, is overblown. It’s one of the buttons the wealthy overlords of the right use to manipulate their loyal masses.

  12. obama's living dead baby Says:

    “obama will ;;”
    i laugh that you think you know anything.
    humans self destruct by their very nature.
    dems, independents, repubs…all are mere humans.
    obama will ;;, you are
    ..one doctors report away from a complete change of priorities.
    ..one natural disaster from bankruptcy.
    ..one phone call away from an emotional trainwreck.
    ..you know nothing, but you write well.
    TELL US oh Great One, of your
    ..great lenghty dialogue with world leaders.
    ..of the many times the leaders of foreign countrys invited you to sit in
    with them and exchange in dialogue with them.
    TELL US oh great one of how the peaceful and aggresors alike have gleaned from your deep well of intelligence, and how you taught Kings and princes of cures and confusion.
    O.M.G. you are ALMOST as brilliant as sensorrhea!
    what a bunch of dopes hang on these blogs, or whatever you call this.
    Get a life! Get Laid, if your not as physically repulsive as you are mentally repulsive. in the gene pool, you squirm on the bottom and suck up to anything moving for air, food, or attention.
    you dont know shit!
    post your reply, i will never read it., because i swear i dont even know how i arrived at this shithole.
    you and i both will die someday, and im not spending my remaining hours on earth pretending that you know shit, which you dont!

  13. sensorrhea Says:

    Wow, the Psychiatric medical community has spent a lot of time and money developing a virtual schizophrenia simulator when all they had to do was read the above comment.

    As they say in the scientific community, you, sir, are not even wrong.

  14. obama's living dead baby Says:

    by the way, the only person in this race that is breifed on matters of national security is the Gov of Alaska!
    You Dont know shit!
    how old are you?
    how old will you be when you die? 20? 30? 50? 60?
    you dont know shit, you just write well, (except for the insults)
    every body dies someday! including you, dumbshit!
    how will the world ever survive without you, or biden, or b.o.?
    you dont know, hell your doctor doesnt even know.
    You and sensorrhea do however, make a goo argument for abortion.
    since b.o. says a baby on a table sucking air is STILL not a life, PLEEEEZ ask your mom to…..oh well,, see ya at the gates of
    ..long from now?
    ..next week?
    ..next year?
    ..who knows?
    not you, not me, no-one!
    especially you, … you dont know shit!
    you just write well!


  15. obama's living dead baby Says:

    your boring, but im sure your x- lovers, if you ever had any,
    have already made that very clear to you!

  16. sensorrhea Says:

    I thought you weren’t coming back? You promised!

  17. Derek Says:

    I hope obama wins, cant wait to see the black celebration flood into the streets, turn into violence, cause mass damage and death. That will fucking rock. And what if obama gets assassinated? Look what was done in the LA riots. Mark my words though, blacks cant keep mass celebration in peaceful mode. But don’t worry, the tax payers will repair everything that is broken, and pay some people off for their loss, no skin off the blacks back, they are just doing their part to help the economy, look at it like a forced stimulus…

  18. Reason #15: Fear Itself « Why Obama Will Lose Says:

    […] If Obama is elected American blacks will somehow turn the tables on whites and make them ride in the back of the bus, get off the sidewalk, etc. Race war!!!!  (Note: It’s amazing how people just come out of the woodwork to provide me with perfect examples of my points.) […]

  19. Harry Regina Says:

    I agree with u that O will not win — But the reason is ‘Diebold’ — although Racism does exist, it does not exist to the extent claimed by you or the Media — but that will be the excuse, “The Bradley Effect” , after all the machines are rigged and need to be re-calibrated when votes start flipping from McCain to Obama that’s when the votes will really be stolen.

  20. Steven Says:

    McCain will win, there are smarter people in this country

  21. sensorrhea Says:

    Or not.

  22. sensorrhea Says:

    Hey “Derek”, where’s the mass damage and death you ninny? Do you admit your are wrong? Or in your weird parallel universe was there some kind of apocalyptic race war? Did it rock?

    u r dumb. See reason #1.

  23. Rebecca Says:

    ” I hope obama wins, cant wait to see the black celebration flood into the streets, turn into violence, cause mass damage and death. That will fucking rock. And what if obama gets assassinated? Look what was done in the LA riots. Mark my words though, blacks cant keep mass celebration in peaceful mode. But don’t worry, the tax payers will repair everything that is broken, and pay some people off for their loss, no skin off the blacks back, they are just doing their part to help the economy, look at it like a forced stimulus… ”

    Might wanna check that out, Derek. I think your racism’s showing.

    Anyway, I’ve never been so happy that a person’s been as wrong as this blog. 😀

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