Reason #3: Americans hate smart people

America hates smart people

America hates smart people

America’s most culturally suicidal drive is our hatred of smart people.

Do we celebrate the nerds from the computer club who will go on to invent the internet?  No, we love the quarterback who will go on to impregnate Betty Lou during senior year and end up working at the gas station.

Do we respect the teachers who inspire students to challenge their minds?  No, we adulate the coaches who will secretly encourage their athletes to take steroids and win the state championship.

Barack Obama is a smart person.  Do the math.  (Unless you’re an average American, in which case don’t do the math lest your head implode.)


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25 Responses to “Reason #3: Americans hate smart people”

  1. bchboy1 Says:

    i like smart people…i have my stepchild emulate what she sees as smart (random acts of kindness, generosity, and being nice) I don’t who”we” are but I know plenty of coaches who abhor drugs and instill good sportsmanship as way of life. There are Quarterbacks that have contributed to the poor and set up educational foundations…I think what you are trying to say is that closemindeness is something we should all avoid. I believe that Barack Obama instills the thoughts of change in many. i think Obama would disagree with your description of “smart people”

  2. Taylor Says:

    I’d like to know why everyone assumes Obama is “smart.” When he talks, all I hear are packaged responses and rehearsed sound bites. When left to his own off the cuff devices, he always puts his foot in it. What makes you think he is so smart?

  3. sensorrhea Says:

    The statement “when left to his own off the cuff devices, he always puts his foot in it” seems wildly exaggerated.

    How many times has that happened in the two years of campaigning he’s done even while being obsessively followed by the press? You seem to be thinking of Palin, Bush, or even Biden. Where’s the “put food on your family”? Where’s the “pro America areas of our great country?” etc.

    Meanwhile I’m guessing you chalk his academic career up to affirmative action, so I won’t be able to convince you of anything there.

    Did you read his books? They are very well written and insightful, especially his first book. Are you accusing him of using a ghost writer?

    Obama is a smart person and indeed even his political enemies admit it through their derision of his “eloquence” and “elitism.”

  4. Taylor Says:

    Hmm. Where to begin. First let me say that I love the fact that you admit he’s been running for president for two years . . . the exact same amount of time he has allegedly been serving his constituents in the Senate. How, exactly, has that prepared him to lead this country? That aside, I am not disputing the fact that he is educated, nor the fact that he knows how to speak well. What I am disputing is his ability to take a sound bite and put real meat behind it. Anyone can follow a scripted speech as long as you are not asked to go off-text. Even you, an apparently biased Obama supporter, must admit that when asked to specify his “changes”, he is unable or unwilling to do more than patronize the “working man.” Let’s face it, there are very very few of us in this country who don’t work for a living. I for one am not willing to spend more of my hard earned money “spreading the wealth around” for those unwilling to support themselves. Now, jump all over me for hating the poor . . . I’m sure that’s where you’ll head. I myself would be considered the bottom of the middle class based on my income, so I would be part of this “working class” he is so fond of discussing. This quote from Thomas Jefferson pretty much sums up my political beliefs: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” Vote Libertarian!

  5. sensorrhea Says:

    Oh, I’m not “apparently” biased, I am totally biased. I am Libertarian on a lot of issues, but most of them are too antithetical to Republicans and Democrats alike, so my votes aren’t usually about those things.

    Meanwhile you have yet to show in any way that Obama is not smart, and you don’t really seem to be trying. It’s a losing battle anyway…the guy is obviously intelligent and well-read, face it. Your not liking him doesn’t mean he’s dumb.

    Meanwhile you seem to represent a certain classic Republican voter. You are so afraid someone will get something for nothing from the government that you will vote against your own economic self interest. I know a lot of folks like that. After 8 years of George Bush letting business interests run our country like an ATM your views are a bit quaint, though.

    For every $100 of scam by some lazy union worker on “disability” or “welfare queen” that you’ll blame on the Democrats there’s $1,000,000 in corporate welfare or undeserved golden parachute or Pentagon contract enabled by Republicans.

    Bill Clinton reformed welfare (remember?) and balanced the budget. Bush started an unnecessary war and outsourced it to no-bid no-limit contracts with private security companies and Halliburton, and ruined the economy while doing it. Christ, Cheney was VP of Halliburton!

    If you don’t like taxes, I guess you hate Bush since his crazy spending and enlarging of government will mean massive taxes down the line.

    I, for one, am ready for a change. We have to have a change. Too much power for too long in the hands of any one party has always been a disaster.

    And if you end up (against your will) with a tax cut from Obama as he increases taxes on the rich, at least you can cry all the way to the bank or just return it to the US govt as a donation to defray your grandkids’ tax burden.

  6. Taylor Says:

    Actually, you are right about one thing; I’m not that crazy about Bush and never have been. However, I believe that you have forgotton where you live and that America is (or was) a free market society. Meaning that those who work hard make money and create jobs for others and that we are not dependent on the government to create those jobs or provide us with our monetary allotments. Actually you are right about another thing; I do resent working hard, sometimes having to have two jobs, to support people who are unwilling to work for themselves. Call me crazy, but I believe that living on the collective was proven by the Soviets to be an untenable method of government. You still have the haves and have nots, it’s just that they shift from those working in a market economy to those running the government-controlled economy. What really frightens me is people like you who are so hell bent on “change” that you don’t take the time to ask what the changes will be. I believe that Mr. Obama will win the election next week and I sincerely hope that I am wrong about him. However, I also believe that there are things worth fighting for and that freedom is one of them. Why do you think so many people want come to this country? Because they believe in a free market economy and believe that they can accomplish things here that cannot be accomplished in socialist countries. I have a friend who came to the US from South America for the reasons I mentioned. She came here legally, paid a lot of money to follow all the appropriate channels and then did the same for her sister and daughter. She is ready to move back home if Obama wins because she truly believes that if she is going to live in a socialist country, it might as well be the one she was born in and the one where the rest of her family still lives. I find that achingly sad and am sorry for you that you do not.

  7. sensorrhea Says:

    Interesting that you are so “frightened” by the prospect of McCain losing. Most of the conservatives who have posted here use that kind of language. learly the McCain/Palin message of terror is working.

    It’s important to think about what’s making you so frightened and whether it’s true or not.

    The idea that Obama represents some kind of socialist/communist threat to the American way of life is just a bunch of hysterical propaganda from Republican operatives who are in total panic mode about losing and trying their damnedest to stir up ancient hatreds and dread. You and your friend from S.A. should relax about that.

    Slightly off topic: Muslims really, really hate communism too, so I wish the Republican fear machine would make up it’s mind about what we’re supposed to be scared of.

    You are a victim of the cynical Republican smokescreen about the welfare queens. Most Americans are actually hard working folks like us, the middle class. Welfare queens are a scarecrow to throw you off the trail of rapacious corporate robber barons and defense contractors. Our embarrassingly bloated level of military spending, much of it unnecessary, completely dwarfs things like welfare fraud. (Libertarians believe in a small, appropriate military.)

    One of the most effective Republican strategies is to distract people in the middle class with the American Dream(c) / lottery mentality. They act like if you just work hard you’ll soon be in the top tax bracket, so you need to protect the top tax bracket at all costs. This is a trick. They know the statistics. Most will never become rich, but they have to believe they will so they’ll vote to protect the ones who are already rich. Don’t confuse that line of B.S. with freedom.

    I’m a small business entrepreneur and through hard work am doing a pretty good job keeping my company afloat in these difficult times. But I’m not deluding myself that laissez faire Republican economic policies (not that we’ve seen much of those over the last few weeks as Bush and his investment banker appointees have effectively socialized huge parts of the economy) are going to make me rich. And frankly if I do become rich I really wouldn’t care much about a tax increase. The rich in this country can easily afford it without sacrifice.

    Bottom line, though, is that a slight increase in taxes on the rich is not tantamount to America becoming a socialist country.

  8. Taylor Says:

    You have got to stop using political catch phrases and wrapping all of your finger pointing around the Republican banner.

    I am NOT a Republican. I did NOT say that I was “frightened” that McCain would lose. I said I was frightened that people such as yourself seem more interested in change for change sake than knowing what those changes may be.

    As far as Obama’s socialism; I can only make assumptions based on his own words. I don’t think one could be any clearer on the meaning of socialism than “spreading the wealth.”

    Try using logic to make your arguments instead of rhetoric and stop harping on your belief that everyone opposed to Obama is some kind of right wing nutcase. You seem to be much smarter than that. Try to show it.

  9. Taylor Says:

    I did forget to mention one thing about your last post. Why in the world would you mention that Muslims hate communism? Is there a Muslim running for president? Please also check your facts; communism and socialism are not one and the same.

    And you don’t need to tell me what Libertarians believe.

  10. sensorrhea Says:

    Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. My point was that Republicans are using all kinds of scare tactics in their panic-stricken kitchen sink attacks on Obama. Sometimes they accuse him of being a communist, sometimes they accuse him of being a Muslim. He can’t reasonably be both.

    You may not be a frightened Republican but plenty of McCain supporters are. Just look at some of the comments from some of them on my blog.

    Your point about me supporting any kind of change is an empty talking point.

    While a dice roll for any kind of nonspecific change is pretty much preferable to the current crop of anti-intellectual corrupt Republicans on the good chance that it could hardly be worse, Obama represents a broad agenda of specifics both as a person of substance himself with a cerain worldview and as a set of policies and principles enumerated on his web site and in the media. If you’re too lazy to look them up I’m not going to do it for you.

    Having said that, presidents almost never follow through on a large percentage of their of pre-election promises because they are either lying to get elected (George HW Bush’s “no new taxes”), are unable to accomplish the goal because of resistance in congress or the inherent limitations of the executive branch to actually do very much (Clinton’s health care plan), or because of change in the world (W’s “the u.s. army isn’t for nation building”). Actually that last one probably fits in the lie category as well.

    Because of these facts one prefers confidence in the intelligence and judgment of the candidate. Although it’s always a gamble, I trust Obama at this point way more than McCain, but hey, if you don’t trust me maybe you’ll trust some of the many, many conservatives, generals, economists, strategists etc. who have endorsed him. Probably not though.

    If you want to continue your line of argument I’d prefer you do it with one of the commentors on this blog who isn’t voting for Obama because they think he’s too much like McCain and represents no change at all. You will probably find that lot more entertaining.

    I’m exhausted trying to convince commentor Kimchi that Obama’s more liberal than they give him credit for and you that he’s more conservative than you have been led to believe. But you certainly can’t both be right, so have at it!

  11. sensorrhea Says:

    Here’s a very nice, short piece on why so many independents and conservatives are going the way of Obama:

  12. Taylor Says:

    OK, one last question and I shall bother you no more: Why is it that just because I disagree with you I am a “victim” of Republican propaganda? Why wouldn’t it be fair of me to say the same of you? Clearly, we have completely divergent ideas of what our economy needs and the direction that the country should be taking.

    This mess did not happen solely on the back of one man. The President is not a dictator; he can only propose legislation and, as you so clearly pointed out, Congress has the final say. Therefore, it is completely disingenuous for anyone to suggest that one person alone is responsible for all of the ills in this country. That is a shared burden and Republicans and Democrats alike should be taking responsibility for it.

    I hope that we can at least agree that whoever wins on Tuesday should have the support of the entire country and that we not become more divided because of the outcome, whatever that may be.


  13. sensorrhea Says:

    It’s not because you disagree with me.

    You are a victim of Republican propaganda to the extent that you believe things to be true that are not true, that you learned them or came to believe them more deeply from listening to Republican organs like McCain/Palin speeches and Rush Limbaugh, and that you use those false idea to decide your voting.

    On one level when I say “you” I am talking about people I know and people I see in the media who are such victims. On another level I am talking about you specifically since I’m pretty confident some of your beliefs are wrong either in whole or in degree, especially your beliefs about Obama and his supporters. Campaign slogans and talking points in particular are highly likely to fall into this category.

    I am not an Obama freak, merely a supporter who thinks Obama might turn out very well indeed and is certainly vastly superior to the alternative in both form and content. I’m sure, however, some of my beliefs fall into the liberal version of that “victim” category, but I do try to apply continuous and rigorous logical hygiene and reality-testing to my worldview A profoundly sad number of people on the left and the right are so full of superstitions and lazy reasoning of various sorts it’s amazing they can find their front doors in the morning.

    As far as supporting whoever is elected, I don’t actually know what I can do on that score as simply Joe the Citizen. All I can do is vote.

    And I can blog, I guess, but don’t expect a “Reasons Why Sarah Palin is competent, sane, and not terrifyingly power hungry” blog to succeed this one.

  14. Taylor Says:

    I was just going to let that one go until I got to the the “reasons why Sarah Palin is competent, sane and not terrifyingly power hungry”. What? How is she power hungry? She was plucked from relative obscurity to run for VP. She did not calculate her rise by clicking off levels of political power until she got to the senate only to turn around and run for president. Calling Obama a power hungry narcisist now would only incite you to further rantings, so I shall resist that particular temptation.

    I am glad, however, that you are so confident that my beliefs are wrong and that I have learned my addled thinking from a plethora of right wing advocates who have led me down this “wrong” path. I really wish you would stop making assumptions about me because I don’t agree with you politically. I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh; never have. I do read, however and I do watch various news programs on many different outlets. You insult my intelligence by presuming that my thoughts are nothing more than a rehash of the right wing propaganda machine. My thoughts are my own. Are yours?

  15. sensorrhea Says:

    I am confident some of your beliefs are wrong, yes.

    Since it’s the most recent example, let’s start with your belief that caribou Barbie isn’t a cold, calculated political climber clicking off power levels on her way to the top. The truth is the opposite.

    Palin is a power hungry politician like most of them, and actually meaner than most of them in her rise. Funny story: among many other things she dreamed of becoming a senator (in spite of how evil and “anti-America” Washington is) and got her BS energy commission job as a booby prize when the Alaska governor she helped elect appointed his own daughter senator instead.

    Short version of some of her “clicked off power lavels”:

    Long Version:

    Not that being power hungry disqualifies her…everything else about her does. But the whole aw shucks hockey mom myth needs to stop.

    Glad you don’t listen to Rush, though! The better ratings he gets the more money he makes. The more money he makes the more tempted he is to buy and pound down fistfulls of pain killers during breaks between slamming indigent drug abusers.

  16. Taylor Says:

    Man, you must be something akin to saintly. Everyone is evil, power hungry, manipulating or calculating. Everyone, of course, except you and those you support.

    I am confident that I am right on many subjects and equally confident that you are wrong. So, it seems we are continue to be at an impass. I do not believe that you are wrong for not supporting the McCain ticket. I do, however, believe that you are wrong to support Obama.

    I guess time will tell.

  17. Taylor Says:

    Check out this website that someone just sent me. This should have you frothing at the mount . . .

  18. Taylor Says:

    What Kind of Change?

    Once upon a time, there was a charismatic and eloquent young leader who decided his nation needed a change and that he was the one to implement it. The people were receptive and ready for change.

    He spoke passionately when denouncing the existing system and the media loved him. Nobody questioned what he believed in or who his friends were. He would help the poor and bring free medical care and education to all. He would bring justice and equality. He said I am for hope and change, and I will bring you both. Few people bothered to ask about the change, and by the time the executioner’s guns went silent, all personal firearms had been confiscated, along with most personal freedoms.

    When everyone was finally equal, they were (and are) equally poor, hungry and miserable. Their free education was (and is) all but worthless. Their free and universal health care was (and remains) a travesty. When the change was fully implemented, the country had been reduced to Third World status. More than a million people fled in small boats and rafts.

    The charismatic young leader was Fidel Castro; the nation is Cuba.

    The citizens of the United States would never fall for a charismatic, eloquent young leader who promises hope and change without asking, “what kind of change, and how much will it cost us?” – would we?

  19. sensorrhea Says:

    “This should have you frothing at the mount . . .”

    Actually that site must have you foaming in your underwear.

    By the way, it’s not “frothing at the mount”, it’s “frothing at the mouth”…you know like Rush Limbaugh after Pelosi was made speaker on the same day his drug dealer got arrested. (That kind of mistake is a called a “malapropism”, and you’ll be interested to learn that George Bush is a big fan of them.)

    3 posts? You’re on quite the tear today. Again, I’d encourage you to debate with someone who thinks Obama is just another corporate major party politician who is literally almost indistinguishable from McCain. You’ll be surprised to learn there are a lot of them out there. I just don’t have the energy.

    I wonder why there are so many unintentionally hilarious right wing scary parables and websites full of lies, conspiracies and exaggerations primitively animated and set to scary music.


    Boooo! America is going to become a big Soviet collective farm!! WhoOOooOo!!! Obama’s going to make you gay marry a terrorist and force you to accept a tax cut you don’t think you should have!!! Boooooo! Grrr! Argghh!! He’s looking in your window RIGHT NOW!!!!

  20. Reason #15: Fear Itself « Why Obama Will Lose Says:

    […] Our way of life is about to end!! The election of Obama will result in the United States becoming completely socialist…just like Cuba! […]

  21. Taylor Says:

    Just exactly the response I was hoping for! I can see your bloated red face now as you spew your venom.

    And, sorry, but from time to time I do make errors when typing quickly. You should be glad I gave you yet another thing for which to criticize me. You have, once again, proven your great superiority. Hope it keeps you warm at night.

    Hugs and kisses.

  22. sensorrhea Says:

    I see my morning wake up call has arrived. How refreshing.

    You seem a little tone deaf to real venom, so to recalibrate your venom detector you might want to read this, which is also very refreshing:

    He’s on your side. Proud?

  23. Taylor Says:

    Proud? Proud of what? Please quote back to me anything in my messages where I have extolled a racist viewpoint. Once again you are assuming that I do not support your candidate because of his mixed heritage. The truth is that I do not support your candidate because of his inexperience, questionable background and his vague promises of “change.” Period. I know it is easier for you to play the race card, as they say, than to open your mind to the fact that I just simply to do not support him on his merits. Or lack thereof.

    I did read some of the other posts, however, and am gratified to know that I’m not alone in my admiration of your superior intellect. . . .

  24. sensorrhea Says:

    And thus we come to the perfect end of the comment stream for the blog post entitled “Americans hate smart people”.

    …This conversation is now officially over…

    But, again, I strongly encourage you to visit blogs of people far more liberal and offensive to your Weltanshauung than I.

    You might want to start here:

  25. Americans hate smart people… « TWENTY-SOMETHING Says:

    […] (more) […]

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