Reason #10:Woman scorned, news at 11:00

When Clinton supporters think about Obama supporters thinking about Clinton they think of this picture.

When Clinton supporters think about Obama supporters thinking about Clinton they think of this picture. Then they eat a whole tub of Cherry Garcia ice cream without guilt.

Some unknown number of Hillary supporters who, based on their politics, should obviously be voting for Obama, won’t be doing so because they are so disappointed and angry that Hillary failed to win the Democratic primary. Some will even vote for McCain simply out of spite.

Many of them feel that it was Hillary’s turn and Obama cut the line. But we have elections here in America, not coronations, and Hillary lost fair and square. Besides, if Hillary had won we’d be looking at a White House split between two families for 24-28 years. To me that sounds less like democracy and more like a lovely DC-area timeshare.

“But what about her experience?!?” While it is true that Hillary has well over 35 years of experience wanting to be president, I don’t really see how that’s relevant. Her young reverse carpet-bagging senatorial career failed to put her above the other candidates.

Some Hillary voters feel that Obama ran a nasty, anti-feminist, somehow unfair campaign, and that made them furious. These claims aired on the media throughout the final weeks of the primary, but I never heard a specific example to back them up. This claim is as unfounded as Cindy “Feelin’ No Pain” McCain’s bizarre utterance that Obama is running “the dirtiest campaign in American history.” If she rose from her opium couch long enough pay attention she’d see it’s not even the dirtiest campaign going on right now…

Ultimately the results of elections are about – you guessed it – us voters. This is why I can be so confident in my statements about the ignorance of Americans. Have I met all of them? No. But I can judge them by who they elected in 2000 and, shockingly, again in 2004.

Finally, for a perfect specimen found in the wild of the illogic behind this particular solipsistic cadre of non-Obama voters, check out the comment made on this blog by Robert Deveau here.


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