Reason #17: There is no reason #17!!!!!

Wow, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!

He didn’t just win, he really, really won!

I’m feeling too magnanimous to gloat, but I would ask the biggest haters who’ve posted here about how the celebration will turn violent to post an “I was wrong message” of their own tomorrow.

I’m guessing I won’t see too many…


2 Responses to “Reason #17: There is no reason #17!!!!!”

  1. ahthebeauty Says:

    no one will defend their wackiness?

    I have loved this morning like none in memory. What a thing has happened in this country.

    And silence from the crazies. (for now.)

  2. C-dub Says:

    In America truly anything is possible. I am still waiting for the people who talked about the race riots to post comments lol.

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